I design & produce headgear, caps, beanies, berets, hats and more. My passion is working with patterns and abstracting these creating modern hatwear with a twist. Also I love to upgrade and upcycle, creating designs that are therefore different and unique, at times using deadstock or cut offs making many designs limited.
I believe in slow fashion, which is why I don’t design new collections every 3 month or 1/2 year and try to make timeless pieces, which of course doesn’t always work. Everything gets produced in my tiny home studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
I love what I do and am grateful, that even with my handicap this is still, or again, possible. I have learned that time is limited and it gives me the greatest pleasure to spend it, creating things that people love to wear.
Thank you all,

My new Valorise tags have arrived. Don’t they look great! I am so happy I found this product @Ecodrukkers. Tags made from agricultural residual flows coming from dutch farmlands, printed with bio inkt and produced Co2 neutral, woauw! I translated the information Ecodrukker crew provided me with when I wanted to know more about the origin of the paper. The following is what they answered about Valorise: 'Valorise is paper with fibers from dutch greenhouses( local agricultural residual flows). This paper is the result of collaboration between growers, knowledge centres and universities for circular valorisation of fibers from the agricultural residual flows like tomato- and paprika plants. The optimal scenario is that agricultural residual flows wil not be composted, but used for 100% as raw material for the paper and other industries. The processing of this agricultural fibre and the unique recipe of the paper supplier led to a very special paper with a high tactile and visual value, with a subtiel presence of the fibre'. And I have to say it, I love em!

Packaging, is where I pack the hat into a parcel to send it to you. Very often you can already recognise the sender of a package, by the print on the parcel. Of course this is fun, it gets the adrenaline level up, just by looking at the packaging, without even unpacking it. The down side is, that al of those parcels get manufactured & printed first and at the end of the road they end up in the bin. When entering a quick google search I found mind breaking numbers, which is why I love recycling packaging. So don't be surprised if your hat arrives in someone else’s branded packaging and feel free to recycle it too.

On my search to a greener existence, I'm now locking into the tags that I use on my hats. Until now I printed, cut and glued them myself. Making designs for different collections and so on. A time killing undertaking, that I have decided, to simplify. Not only because of the time issue, but also because of the footprint. I found a great new product, from paperwise. Paper made of landscape waste, no trees needed. Hope to show you soon, how this is going to look. I am now searching the printer that can realise this with bio inkt.

Bottles daytime environment, is the title of this here only partly shown picture shot by Daria Shevtsova. I recognised it, it's what you find on most beaches in Europe these days. I used to, while still in art school, collect items I found on the beach, to reuse in projects, mostly fishing nets,ropes and wood. Being young my view on my surroundings were very different( there was also less trash on the beaches), but with age I started to develop, what you might call a green conscious, which is why this picture saddens me. The positive is that this is how my recycle projects started as well as this new category, where I share my green development with you.